Not just the 'I Love Dorking' design! It's something which has always challenged and fascinated me.... and 'wasted' so many hours! If there's anything which appeals and of which you'd like to make use, with or without adaptation, please contact and we can discuss.

******************* 2012 OLYMPICS MASCOTS*************************

How about these chaps below..... Torchy and Flame ?

Isn't it about time we had something different from the endless parade of cuddly animals as mascots? World Cup Willie was great in his time and a few of the animals since but lets have a change from animals and weird creatures. 'Torchy and Flame' have the Olympic pedigree of course whilst being clearly linked to London. The human characteristics give the pair the flexibility to suit any kind of promotional use or situation, in 2-D or 3-D, from key-rings and fridge magnets to adult size mascots and cartoon characters.

Or these....the giant spherical 'GB' heads have the same potential to be used in all situations.

If you're on Facebook, perhaps you'd like to contribute thoughts/ideas on the '2012 OLYMPICS MASCOT' group


1. These were published in the Sunday Times when its 'Review' asked for contributions to a whimsical series it was running 30+ years ago!

2. The Mickleham village Millennium road signs; this one by the 'Burford Bridge' roundabout on the A24 between Dorking and Leatherhead. The 'silver' (stainless steel) band running beneath the Church represents the meandering River Mole, the meanders forming the letters M & W - it being the parish of Mickleham & Westhumble. The slope behind takes walkers up to Box Hill.

3. The Dorking Junior Charity Cup symbol....

See Page 5 for details on the annual competition.

4a Entry for 'Escape Studios' (computer graphic design studios) comp'n
OK, perhaps the word 'escape' is not obvious reading down the coiled spring!

4b A similar 'recognition' problem! (Start at the blue 'e'...anticlockwise)

5. Sketched designs for the Grace Barrand Design Centre, Nutfield...
.....unsolicited, but it's closed now anyway!

6. Suggested logo for Leatherhead Theatre, the current one seeming too
'ordinary'. All a matter of taste of course!

7. Designed for a cross Isle of Wight night-time charity walk.

8. Unsolicited but prompted by existing Dorking Town Centre Management logo and perhaps just as obscure! Endeavours to form the letters DTCM in something recognisable!

9. Sketch of comp'n entry; 'Metro' freebie wanting new banner.

10.Whether this appeals or not may depend on the level of your support for the EU!

11.Designed for the US group who breed Dorking chickens:

12. Crest for Neuadd Lewis Jones:
Lewis Jones Hall of Residence at Univ. Coll of Swansea, Wales

13. Logo as stated on it:

14. Mulberry Centre, Dorking, logo competition entry (won adult prize!)

12.Unfortunately not my design but had to be found space on the site somewhere!

Any comments welcome....possibly?! Contact details...see menu.