Turn your HERBALIFE Formula 1 and 3 cans into very useful, fun characters.

'HERBALIFE' for those who haven't yet discovered them are one of the foremost 'Wellness' companies in the world - continuously increasing sales in 65 countries says how well their products work. But if, like me, you're using their weight reducing, health giving shakes that means you have a substantial number of sturdy canisters to recycle.

WHAT BETTER than to create your own 'HERBIE ARMY' of sassy soldiers for all manner of different but VERY REAL uses.

It takes one minute to turn two canisters into a substantial character.

'Formula' 1 & 3 canisters in each make these three strong guardsmen.

Apart from being SUPER TOYS in themselves with a great look and feel, JUST SEE HOW USEFUL THEY CAN BE IN A SUCH A VARIETY OF WAYS, some just fun, others very practical, most both!


A GIFT BOX - can contain sweets or diamonds or anything in between; when the sweets have been eaten and the diamonds thrown away, there's still a great keepsake for the recipient!

TOYS FOR TODDLERS - how they enjoy arranging and marching their army.

9 OR 10 PIN SKITTLES - just add weight (e.g. sand) to the lower canister; set them up anytime for a great game using tennis balls.

AS A DOOR STOP - looks like the sentry on duty; works perfectly, again weighted and moved easily by foot, no stooping needed.

'AUNT SALLY' TARGETS - easily set up for that fete stall you've been asked to do, or at home. Use tennis or squash balls or bean bags as the missiles.

'FOOTBALL SKITTLES' - a great variation. See note later **

STORAGE....'SECRET' IF NEED BE! - personal protection for nick-nacks or..? (Either canister can be unscrewed and then replaced without taking off the soldier 'skin'. Who know's what's inside.....just ballast?!)

------The simple instructions are incorporated on each sheet------

The full gloss A3 GUARDSMAN & FOOTBALLER sheets are available at 80p each or 10 for 7; postage 1. Each additional set would be 30p p&p more. (E.g. 3 sets p&p 1.40)

The footballer is in white kit (a la David Beckham who plays for Herbalife sponsored LA Galaxy!) so that he can be coloured for different teams. My choice would be blue and white stripes!

The SKITTLE SPACER MATS (2 full gloss sheets) are 1.60 per pair. They bear rules for the skittle games even if most people devise their own! **Though not in print at present they will be available in days should demand determine the need.

Any uncertainties.... call me on Dorking 01306 889435 or email...crw_burn@yahoo.co.uk for a rapid response.

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