Given its long association with the town it's not surprising that the famous cockerel has become its symbol. Introduced by the Romans, it became the premier breed in the country in the 19th century with its impressive appearance and the excellent quality of its meat and eggs winning innumerable prizes; and a favourite with Queen Victoria apparently. It's not surprising that many of the town's clubs and societies have adopted it as their emblem. The town's coat-of-arms incorporated it from 1951 and Mole Valley District Council, when formed, in 1975. 


                            IT'S NO SURPRISE THAT I WIN PRIZES!

Not only is he to be found on the roadside approaches to Dorking

but since February 2007 a 10ft high 'silver' version has stood on Deepdene roundabout at the town's eastern approach, ensuring that travellers are acquainted with the town and at least one facet of its history.  Controversy surrounded the 'Deepdene Dorking' but the sizes of pro and anti groups on confirm that those who see 'him' as the excellent asset which he is, far outnumber the negatives. It would have been good, though, to see him elevated on a plinth as befits such public sculpture (no doubt increasing costs prohibitively) rather than appearing to be scurrying in farmyard grass.

A commemorative teatowel suggests why it's good to have him there; see below. It is still available - see the 'I love Dorking' page.



 Look closely at the top pic and you'll see that distinctive feature of the 'Dorking', apart from its regal bearing: the five claws. Hence those born in the town being known as 'five clawed'uns'.
'The Dorking Club', affiliated to 'The Poultry Club of Great Britain' is a thriving group of breeders. This link will take you there....but do come back!  Sorry - it won't take you there...working on it!