Yet another Government initiative on smoking (December 2008) - about as much use as a full ash-tray and destined like the rest to fail; so what to do?

NO AMOUNT of pictures of black lungs, sallow pitted skin, haggard faces, nor sounds of wheezing, terminal chests and raucous coughing, nor stories of cancerous, perhaps hideous deaths can successfully counter what it is that brings the impressionable (of whatever age) to smoke. How much more proof is required?

Thank you, the Government, for taking the eye streaming infliction and clothes tainting stench, quite apart from passive smoking risks, out of pubs etc. but can they really think that moving tobacco below the counter will affect the root cause or make ciggies less attainable?

Peer persuasion that smoking is 'cool' (or whatever is the 'in-vogue term' at the time) is the reason that kids with insufficient self-respect take up smoking. If smoking can be ridiculed as the 'absent of kudos', inept, idiotic act it so plainly is, it may be possible to protect people from it more successfully than anything has yet done. Surely it must be worth a try?

There follow some ideas for messages which need to bombard susceptible types; OK, perhaps they should be more subtle but somehow it is the message which should inculcated.

If you think that you could use them effectively in whatever situation, please feel free to copy, with some acknowledgement given.

If you would like to develop the idea with more professional artwork, let's discuss.

If you know of anything which could be as effective... Tell Someone!

Sorry these cartoons aren't available to be seen 'coz the nerds who create programmes cause things to happen without any attempt to clarify their quirkish behaviours and allow rectification.