Use a 'DICE-SAVER' - a smart way to 'look after your pennies' on the way to saving pounds. Who DOESN'T need to! Great for you, at whatever age and a great and lasting gift for youngsters from early ages.

As you can see, a 'DICE-SAVER' looks good.. anywhere in the house...or office or garden shed or....wherever!

What do you do with those pennies which accumulate in pockets and purses being a heavyweight nuisance?! This is the answer!

They're made from limewood from sustainable Romanian forests; each is unique in its graining and varnished to give that superior finish. If you wonder why 'Romanian'!.. I've taken groups there for 'humanitarian work' and having had the idea for this particular design of coin saver
for a while, happened to be talking, in very broken French and a lot of sign language to a chap who was able to make them in his workshop.

Each DICE-SAVER holds 250 pence when all of the holes on the 'five side' are filled; they're drilled to take exactly 50p need to count them. When full simply tip into bank coin bags and get them changed. How much better is that than loosing them in drawers, sofas, etc.?

Though designed for 1p coins, they can also be used for saving 5p + 20p coins; total saved filling all five holes with 5ps is 11.25; or with 20p coins amounts to 46.00.

Have one in the bedroom and kitchen for a start! Get one for friends - they'll appreciate your thoughtfulness. Your kids will thank you for ever for starting the saving habit.

Supplied in a clear acetate presentation box as seen above.

COST.......only 3 each; 2 for 5; 3 for 7.50; 4 for 10; + p&p:

P&P based on UK parcel rates:

1 - 3.........4.25; 4 - 5........5.50;
6 - 7.........6.00; 8 - 13.......8.50

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As in the Dorking Advertiser....but with the inevitably needed corrections beneath!

All 430 Pupils and Staff at St Martin's School, Dorking (which my two lads attended 20yrs ago and which is 'just round the corner') were given a dicesaver in which to collect 1p coins for Comic Refief, then keeping them for their own benefit and hopefully creating the saving habit. In fact of course, with 50p filling each hole on the 'five side', it's 2.50 which is collected. The total was around 700.

Don't let the 'credit crunch' bite you....fight back!...........